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Aminomix Plus

100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 L, 5 L

Amino Acids without Vitamins is a Nutritional Supplement. 


Proteins: they are made up of the simplest elements, the amino acids, of which there are about twenty different amino acids, of which there are about twenty different ones, although the birds and birds and pigeons can synthesize most of these, there are a number that cannot.
these, there are a number that cannot. These are described as
essential amino acids for normal health and metabolic processes.
metabolic processes. Particularly during periods of stress, transfers and when the immune system is affected, the availability of good quality proteins and amino acids is important.

Enteric diseases, which severely damage the lining of the intestine and its ability to absorb nutrients, can have a profound effect on the absorption of amino acids and worsen amino acid
amino acid absorption and worsen the effects of the disease. It is important when dealing with such diseases to ensure that the diet has a high level of amino acids during the recovery period.


Syrup or paste. Mixed in drinking water or milk


4 ml per 1 liter, per animal/day.


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