Aquavitamino Euro

100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 L, 5 L 

Water-soluble premix of vitamins and amino acids for the nutritional supplementation of bees.


Its composition based on vitamins and essential amino acids of vegetable origin provides a correct functioning of the organism. In addition, its solubilized form achieves good bioavailability, easy assimilation and rapid effectiveness.
The main properties of this product are: reinforcement of the immune system, preventing the appearance of both infectious and parasitic diseases, strengthening and overstimulation of the bees and increasing the queen's fertility.

To synthesize their own proteins and fats, bees obtain energy from flower nectar or honey dew. Pollen also provides them with proteins and vitamins necessary for the formation of muscle mass, the functioning of the immune system muscle mass, the functioning of the immune system and fertility.

In seasons when there are fewer or poorer quality flowers in the natural environment, the bees' nutritional supply is reduced.
nutritional supply of bees is reduced, which has a negative impact on the bee population, as it reduces the bee's ability to produce eggs.
The queen bee's egg production capacity decreases and the worker bees do not have sufficient capacity to fly, make wax, or produce to fly, make wax and care for the brood.


- Situations of nutritional imbalances and deficiencies: laying season, stress, floral deficiency and pollen shortage.
- Weak and/or recovering hives.
- As a spring stimulant.
- As an adjuvant in infectious and parasitic processes.


Syrup or paste.


1ml/L or 1ml/kg of feed.

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