Salmon AD3E Euro

250 ml, 500ml, 1L

Food supplement that provides multiple health benefits for dogs, cats, and even people, helping to prevent certain diseases in our pets.


According to the studies carried out, it has been proven that the contributions of Omega 3 in the organism of dogs and cats are very important to improve their quality of life when they have certain pathologies or physical problems. Some of these benefits that help to prevent problems and improve their health are the following:

1. Strengthens your pet’s immune system against bacteria and viruses.

2. Reduces skin diseases in dogs suffering from dermatitis or allergies and reduces discomfort.

3. Improves digestive and intestinal problems by reducing possible inflammations in the digestive tract.

4. Helps to balance weight and reduce obesity by lowering the level of triglycerides.

5. Improves your dog’s blood pressure.

6. Helps to improve renal problems by preventing protein concentration in the urine.

7. Improves the condition of dogs with osteoarthritis by greatly reducing inflammation and pain by improving collagen production.

8. Improves the condition of dogs with cardiomyopathies and reduces arrhythmias.

9. Improves the condition of the coat, giving more strength and shine.

10. Provides benefits for nails and teeth.

11. Strengthens sick and weakened dogs, reinforcing their vitality. In addition, several studies have proven that it helps dogs with cancer to have a better quality of life, reinforcing their immune system, helping them to maintain their weight and delaying the growth of cancer cells.

12. In puppies it improves the brain formation of fetuses, it can even be administered to pregnant mothers. In addition, in elderly dogs it improves their cognitive faculties that may deteriorate due to age.


Spray his daily feed with the amount of oil adapted to your dog and you will see how he likes the added flavor to your pet.


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